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Sexuality Education Programme Falling Short in Thailand: UNICEF Study

The Nation, Thailand, 5/31/2017

Although the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programme is being taught in almost all secondary schools in Thailand, more teaching time and better teacher training are needed for students to build the knowledge and skills they need to manage their sexuality and sexual lives, a UNICEF-supported study on CSE revealed on May 31. The study found that important topics such as sexual rights, gender equality and diversity, respect for the rights of others are often neglected in the delivery of the CSE programme. This leaves many students with damaging attitudes to gender roles, sexual rights, and to domestic violence.

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Chinese Lesbian Dating App Rela Shuts Down

BBC News, China, 5/30/2017

A Chinese dating app for lesbians that has more than five million users has been shut down. The app, Rela, is no longer available in the Android or Apple app stores, and its website and Sina Weibo account have been deleted. Users began to notice that the app was not accessible last week. It is unclear why it has been shut down. Rela told its users on WeChat that the service had been suspended for an ‘important adjustment in service’. Some users have suggested that it was connected to Rela's support for parents of LGBT children who wanted to take part in a ‘marriage market’ in Shanghai on 20 May.

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Govt Initiative to Save Transgender Persons from Deadly Diseases

Dawn News - Peshawar, Pakistan, 5/29/2017

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will launch a programme to impart skills to transgender persons and safeguard them against sex-borne ailments, especially HIV and AIDS. The programme will cost Rs200 million and will target over 1,000 transgender persons in the province by providing them treatment and training in embroidery to earn their livelihood. Officials said that under the programme, the gurus of transgender persons would be accessed to seek their permission for holding awareness sessions and giving them tips to stay safe from diseases. They said that transgender persons would be also tested for HIV and AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases.

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AIDS Charity on Verge of Collapse; 600 Families under Threat

Saudi Gazette - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 5/29/2017

The Saudi Charity Association for AIDS Patients (SCAAP) in Jeddah is struggling with its finances as many benefactors have abandoned the charitable organization. This has curtailed the charity’s operations and only a smaller number of people now benefit from its food baskets program. The cash crunch is also threatening the running of the organization’s headquarters. People behind SCAAP found themselves left with two options: pay the annual rent or get evicted by the building owner. Despite requests by the association to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to provide an emergency subsidy, it is still on the waiting list, Al-Watan newspaper reported.

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Creating Awareness on Adolescent Health through Street Plays

The Morung Express - Peren, India, 5/28/2017

Adolescent Clubs performed street plays in Peren district and Kohima to create awareness on adolescent health and Non Communicable Diseases on May 27. The programmes were organized by respective District Health Society. They focused on teenage pregnancy and early marriage – Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health (ARSH) and Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) – prevention and control of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The plays aimed to educate and create awareness on the above issues, their causes and risk factors and consequences. Health talks were also given by the district IEC personnel to create more intensive awareness and to reach out more.

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