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Three Ex-Afghan Women MPs Leave India for Europe

The Hindu, Afghanistan, 9/30/2021

Three women Afghan political leaders, who had taken refuge in India after the fall of Kabul, have left for Europe. The Hindu was urged not to reveal the identity of the three former MPs who were known for their fierce criticism of the Taliban. The three former MPs were being assisted by Vital Voices, an international group also known for assisting Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. The MPs travelled via Dubai where they boarded a connecting flight to a European country. “Once we are settled in the west, we will restart our political campaign for freeing Afghanistan,” said one of the MPs who pointed to the heightened risk that their families continue to face under Taliban rule.

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Most Women in Managerial Posts in Northeast, AP & Punjab

The Times of India, India, 9/29/2021

The Indian north-eastern states generally have the highest ratio of women workers in managerial positions, with Meghalaya topping the chart with 34.1% followed by Sikkim and Mizoram, according to the annual bulletin of the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS). Andhra Pradesh (32.3%) and Punjab (32.1%) are also among the states with a larger representation of the women in the managerial positions, while Assam has the lowest ratio (6.9%). At the all-India level, the ratio of female workers in managerial positions is at 18.7%. It is at 21.4% in rural areas and 16.4% in urban areas. Women’s participation in the workforce has emerged as an area of concern in recent years as the share has dipped.

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Women Across Latin America March in Favour of Abortion Rights

Reuters - Mexico City, Mexico, 9/28/2021

Thousands of women demonstrated in several Latin American cities to commemorate the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, in a region where the procedure is fully permitted only in a handful of countries. In Mexico City, women marched to the historic center under the gaze of police with shields and riot helmets. Authorities put up protective fences on some major buildings and monuments that in the past have been spray-painted during demonstrations. Mexico's Supreme Court recently declared it unconstitutional to criminalise abortion and, shortly after, the government said that those jailed on accusations of having terminated their pregnancy would be released.

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China to Reduce Abortions as Part of New Guidelines for Women

Business Standard, China, 9/27/2021

China will reduce the number of abortions for non-medical purposes while at the same time provide more support to women to raise children as the country tries to halt a declining birthrate. The State Council, the equivalent of a government cabinet, released comprehensive guidelines on September 27, 2021 on women’s development from 2021 to 2030, with wide-ranging targets from reducing abortions to increasing women’s access to nutrition, education, employment and higher ranking posts in the government. The guidelines didn’t elaborate on what constitutes a non-medical abortion. The aim to reduce abortions is to improve women’s reproductive health, with the government also pledging to improve sex education and awareness to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it said.

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Justice Ramana Calls for 50% Reservation for Women in Indian Judiciary

The Telegraph, India, 9/26/2021

Chief Justice of India N V Ramana exhorted women lawyers to strongly raise their demand for 50% reservation in the judiciary while assuring them of his "total support". Speaking at a felicitation function organised by Lady Advocates of the Supreme Court for the nine newly appointed judges, including three women judges, the Chief Justice of India said that he believes in “mixing with people” and said that out of 1.7 million advocates in the country, only 15% are women and only 2% elected representatives in the state bar councils are women. In addition, he shed light on the need for a Judicial Infrastructure Corporation, citing that in 6,000 courts across the country, 22% of them do not have separate toilets for women.

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