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Government has ‘Legitimate Aim’ to Protect Traditional Marriage, Hong Kong Appeal Court Rules, Overturning Landmark Decision on Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses

South China Morning Post - Hong Kong, China, 6/1/2018

Hong Kong’s appeals court on 1 June, 2018, overturned a landmark judgment requiring the Government to grant the same spousal benefits to employees in same-sex marriages as those enjoyed by their heterosexual colleagues. The court ruled that the Government - as not just a private employer but ‘a custodian of Hong Kong’s prevailing socio-moral values’ - had a legitimate aim to protect the institution of traditional marriage, and as a result, could refuse to recognise same-sex marriages. This came as a big blow to the LGBT community, which had celebrated when in 2017, the judgement granting equal spousal benefits to same sex couples was passed.

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UN, South Sudan Launch Strategy to Fight HIV/AIDS

Xinhua - Juba, South Sudan, 6/1/2018

The United Nations agency in charge of fighting HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) and South Sudan have launched a five-year strategic plan to halt new infections and deaths linked to the infection. South Sudan is the most under-funded country with regards to its HIV and AIDs programs despite having a large number of people battling it. Many people living with HIV and AIDS lack access to quality medical care because of the growing economic crisis in the country. The new strategy will include the UNAIDS leadership and the Sudan Government jointly advocating an increase of resources, better information dissemination about HIV and AIDS, and more surveys to assess the spread of the same in the country.

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