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Sexually Exploited Women in Conflict

, 6/19/2005 - Nepal, June 19, 2005 Thousands of women forced to join Nepal's Maoist insurgency are exploited sexually. Sexual violence in the conflict presents evidence of a horrific scenario. Nepal's 10-year-long Maoist war has been marked by an extraordinary level of brutal women's rights abuses, including sexual violence.

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Most Malaysians Ignorant About Sexual Health, Says Doc

, 6/17/2005

Malaysia Star - June 17, 2005 Malaysians are largely ignorant about their reproductive and sexual health. This included youths' lack of knowledge about the subject and women's ignorance about access to reproductive and sexual health services.

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City Homosexuals to Say it in Films

, 6/14/2005 - Kolkata, India, June 14, 2005 In a show of strength to make their presence felt in Kolkata, the gay and lesbian community of the city are organizing a four-day Siddharth Gautam Film Festival that will start on June 20.

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Activists Hail High Court Ruling

, 6/14/2005

Taipei Times - Taipei, Taiwan, June 14, 2005 Gay rights groups yesterday hailed a Taiwan High Court decision, which ruled in the favor of a radio station that was fined by the Government Information Office (GIO) for airing a program involving homosexual issues.

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Little Sex Knowledge Means More Abortions

, 6/13/2005 - Shanghai, China, June 9, 2005 More than half of the women in Shanghai who had abortions last year did not use any reliable form of contraception.

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