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Nepal: Police Attack Transgender People

, 4/18/2005

Reuters - Geneva, Switzerland, April 19, 2005 39 metis who were members of the Blue Diamond Society were picked up in police raids in Kathmandu. They were held for more than two weeks in the Hanuman Dhoka police station, and denied adequate food or visitation rights.

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Potent Images From Women Artists

, 4/17/2005

Inquirer News Service - Manila, The Phillipines, April 17, 2005 An article exploring Filipino women artists who use stark imagery and symbolism to depict the various realities of women in the past and present.

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Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Gets Support

, 4/14/2005

Mindanao Times - Manila, The Philippines, April 14, 2005 The Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP) Incorporated and the Adolescent Health Advocate (AHA) expressed their support for the age-appropriate mandatory reproductive health and sexuality education in The Philippines

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Indian Patent Law Will Blight Fight Against HIV/AIDS: UNAIDS

, 4/14/2005 - Geneva, Switzerland, April 14, 2005 The UN official leading the global fight against HIV/AIDS warned on Thursday that India's recent law banning the copy of patented medicines will become a major obstacle in fighting the rising tide of the disease in the country.

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Website to Address Reproductive Health Issues, Raise Awareness

, 4/12/2005

Vietnam news Agency - Hanoi, Vietnam, April 12, 2005 When fifteen-year-old Linh (not her real name) told her boyfriend that she was nearly one-month pregnant, he was speechless. "He kept silent whenever we met although I knew he felt uneasy for not being able to help me," Linh recalls.

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