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New Indian Patents Bill Draws Criticism from HIV/AIDS Support Groups in Africa

, 3/19/2005 - Nairobi, Kenya, March 19, 2005 Groups representing African victims of HIV/AIDS appealed to the Indian government to withdraw a controversial patents bill introduced in parliament yesterday that will bar firms in India from producing cheap copies of brand name pharmaceuticals. Read more..

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Churchman says Reproductive Health Bill to Affect Marriages

, 3/13/2005

Sun Star, The Philippines, May 13, 2005 The passage of reproductive health bills pending in Congress will "weaken" marriages.

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Indian Male Contraceptive Injections Ready For Market

, 3/8/2005 - Kerala, India, March 9, 2005 After years of dillydallying and crossing bureaucratic hurdles, an Indian male injectable contraceptive that can be reversed is ready to be marketed.

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Lawmaker in The Philippines Dares Church to Live Debate

, 3/7/2005

Inquirer News Service - Manila, The Philippines, March 7, 2005 The Catholic Church has been challenged to a live debate on a bill that would define the government's family planning policy and implement programs to address overpopulation.

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China to Pass First Anti-Sexual Harrassment Law

, 3/4/2005 - Beijing, China, March 4, 2005 The amendment to the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women (LPRIW) has been included in the new legislative agenda for this year.

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