A lot of written, available material on sexuality is often either too clinical or too sensational for most of us, making it difficult to get the desired information easily. To address this gap, TARSHI has produced a number of publications that are easy to understand and use.

Our publications are based on our 13-year helpline experience and trainings in India and the South and Southeast Asia region since the year 2000. The topics covered in our English publications range from gender, sexuality and rights and related issues and several of them are available in Hindi as well. They are addressed to a diverse audience that includes young people, parents, concerned adults and professionals working in the fields of health, education, gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

TARSHI produces material that is gender-sensitive, non-heterosexist and affirms respect for all people and their right to sexual well-being.

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Sexuality Education

We understand the need for comprehensive and accurate information on sexuality especially in the absence of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum in India and many parts of the South and Southeast Asia region. Our publications are written in a matter-of-fact, easy language which makes them accessible to a wide cross-section of people - from parents and teachers to young people and trainers in the field.

For Trainers and Facilitators

We have been conducting trainings on helpline counselling skills and on sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights tailor-made to suit the needs of organisations working in the field since the year 2000. Our training material are not only an excellent introduction to the field for amateur trainers but also aim to give experienced professionals and organizations newer ways of presenting the information to their audiences.

Reports and Papers

We have published research papers and reports on various issues - from disability and sexuality to human rights and helpline models. Our collaborations with other organisations and independent researchers on these projects have led to fresh, more engaging ideas and discussions in our publications.


Our magazine, In Plainspeak was a unique peek into topical issues from the field in South and Southeast Asia. The magazine appeared in print form from 2005 to 2009 and brought together voices and ideas from people cutting across lines of identities and sections. The magazine is reincarnated in the form of our blog.

Other Publications

We have also published other material that gives essential bits of information - including a diary with a record of Indian women through the ages who have braved patriarchal odds and collaborating with the Delhi-based Psychological Foundations Journal for an issue on Sexuality.

Hindi Publications

TARSHI believes in making information accessible and available to the maximum number of people. In this effort, we offer some of our publications in Hindi and are working on releasing more publications in Hindi.