Campaigns and Advocacy

TARSHI works actively in the area of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and is working towards building a common understanding on the meaning of, and the need for CSE in schools. Respond to our Sexuality Education Questionnaire to share what you think about Sexuality Education for young people and to help build public opinion on CSE. To know more about our initiatives on Sexuality Education, click here.

TARSHI also provides advocacy support to other organisations and is part of networks and coalitions that work towards a common goal of achieving and ensuring human rights for all. We especially support global initiatives on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Here is a list of petitions, campaigns and statements that we have endorsed and supported over the past few years. 

We are part of Voices Against 377 and were involved in the Campaign for Lesbian Rights in 1998. We are also a part of CCSA (Citizens Collective Against Sexual Assault). 

In the past, we have co-organised a ‘clothesline’ campaign as part of the 16 Days of Action Campaign and have collaborated with Delhi-based organisations to host opinion polls on issues related to sexuality education for young people, rights of people living with HIV and AIDS, sexuality concerns of people with disabilities etc.