Details of Consultancies

Disability and Sexuality

We have come a long way in conducting numerous consultations and workshops with parents and care providers of young people with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities since 2002. TARSHI conducted workshops for parents and educators and special educators in Latika Roy Foundation (Dehradun, India) and Four Steps, (New Delhi, India). We have also conducted sessions on Disability and Sexuality related issues with and in collaboration with orgnisations such as Society for Child Development (New Delhi, India),  Khushboo Welfare Society (Gurgaon, India), HRLN  and CREA Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute, India (New Delhi, India).

TARSHI staff has also participated in a seminar jointly organised by Centre for Women’s Development Studies and Women’s Studies and Development Centre on Disability, Gender and Sexuality - Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges in August 2008 and a workshop on United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities organised by AARTH in April 2008. We have also worked with National Association for the Blind - Centre for Blind Women and they have transcribed limited copies of our Red book into Braille, and have given feedback on our audio book, TARSHI Talks as well.

Helpline Related

TARSHI conducts trainings on helpline counselling and ethics. In the past, we have conducted a helpline related consultancy with a group from Gargi College, Delhi University (New Delhi, India), conducted a pre-feasibility study for IPAS that was exploring the option of setting up a Comprehensive Abortion Care Helpline and a preliminary planning process for a Breast Cancer Helpline.

Other Consultancies

We have conducted trainings for counsellors and Master Trainers, developed publications on HIV and counselling and developed content for GFATM’s eLearning Course.

Our consultancy for IPPF (South Asia Region) included two trainings, of which one was a Training of Trainers that brought together participants from nine countries of the South Asia Region. In addition, we also developed a manual titled ‘Training Manual on Integrated Counselling: Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for All’.This manual was designed with a view to explore sexuality, sexual health, reproductive health and rights as interconnected issues and link them to integrated counselling and service delivery. 

We believe that self-care is of utmost importance in preventing and addressing burnout to be effective at work and in one’s personal life. Burnout Prevention is a crucial component of our trainings, especially the helpline and other counselling skills trainings. We have conducted a workshop dedicated to Burnout Prevention and Self Care with Jagori (New Delhi, India), and plan on designing more such workshops in the coming years.