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Govt Certifies 51 Health Facilities As Adolescent-Friendly

The Himalayan Times - Kathmandu Nepal, 1/31/2018

A total of 51 health facilities in 20 districts have been certified as adolescent-friendly service (AFS) sites as of now by the Family Health Division (FHD) under the Ministry of Health. AFS sites create a safe, supportive and protective environment for adolescents, whether they are single or married, ensuring their access to the information and services they need from trained health service providers in a non-judgmental manner maintaining privacy, respect and confidentiality. According to FHD, the health facilities were certified as adolescent-friendly through a joint monitoring system using the nine national standards mentioned in the Quality Improvement and Certification Tool for Adolescent-Friendly Service (AFS), endorsed by the Ministry of Health in 2015.

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Google Bows to Ministry's Request to Remove LGBT Apps

The Jakarta Post - Jakarta, Indonesia, 1/30/2018

Up to 14 apps considered to contain and promote LGBT-related pornographic content have reportedly been removed from the Google Play Store. The Communications and Information Ministry's public relations bureau acting head, Noor Iza, said on January 29 that since January 28 at 12:30 a.m. the gay social network app Blued had been removed from the Play Store for the Indonesian market. Prior to sending a request to Google to take down Blued, the ministry had blocked five domain name servers (DNS) for the Blued service on Oct. 12. It reportedly also asked the tech company to remove 73 apps with LGBT-related content.

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Indonesia: Transgender Women in Aceh Detained by Police

BBC News, Indonesia, 1/29/2018

Police in Indonesia have detained 12 transgender women, cutting their long hair and saying they were ‘coaching’ them to behave like ‘real men’. Several beauty salons in Aceh province were raided over the January 27-28 weekend and transgender women working there taken to the local police station. The transgender women, who were also forced to wear men's clothes, will be held for three days. The move has been condemned by human rights groups. Local Police Chief Ahmad Untung Surianata said his team had carried out the raid, dubbed ‘Operation Anti Moral Illness’, after neighbours complained about the ‘negative influence’ the transgender community could have on their children.

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Adolescents Decry Lack of Access to Contraceptives

The Herald, Zimbabwe, 1/29/2018

Although the use of contraceptives in Zimbabwe is at 84 percent, unmarried adolescents who might need them to prevent pregnancies still have no access, Amnesty International has said. Presenting their latest report titled, ‘Lost Without Knowledge: Barriers To Sexual And Reproductive Health Information In Zimbabwe’, lead researcher Louise Carmody said difficulties in accessing contraceptives had seen adolescent girls exposed to harmful consequences such as birth complications and even deaths. Carmody said key barriers to accessing these contraceptives were on inconsistencies with current laws, lack of information, taboos on sexuality issues and costs. Amnesty International urged the government to urgently address identified barriers to accessing sexual and reproductive health services.

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Duterte’s '42 Virgins' Joke Manifests His Disrespect Toward Women - Group

Philippine Star - Manila, Philippines, 1/28/2018

President Rodrigo Duterte’s joke of using virgins to promote tourism in the Philippines shows the chief executive’s lack of respect for Filipino women, an activist group said. In a statement sent to News5 on January 27, Akbayan Women said Duterte’s recent proof of sexism is his promise of ‘42 virgins’ as a tourism ‘come-on’ during his last day in India. ‘Duterte dismisses Filipinas as mere goods for trade, that women are just sights for tourists. This insults millions of women who work hard to build our nation with honour only to be represented as a virgin fodder for tourist by the president himself,’ the group said.

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