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Mozambique to Circumcise 100,000 Men in Bid to Prevent HIV/Aids

Standard Media, Mozambique, 4/30/2018

More than 100,000 men in Mozambique are to be circumcised in a bid to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. The health authorities in the central province of Zambezia said their campaign would focus on the districts of Ato-Molocue, Ile, and Gurue, where circumcision is not a common practice. Abdul Razak, a medical doctor and governor of Zambezia, is backing the campaign, because he believes that it is an effective preventive measure. According to WHO, male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexual men getting HIV by approximately 60 per cent.

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Indonesia’s Bid to Make Homosexuality Illegal Has Temporarily Been Put on Hold

Gay Times, Indonesia, 4/29/2018

The LGBTQ community in Indonesia have been granted a temporary reprieve, as the Government announced that a bill proposing the criminalising of homosexuality is being put on hold for ‘two to three months’ so that the public can have their say. The announcement of the bill in February led to a national outcry from the public over some of its demands, especially those surrounding its moral policing. And now, having sensed the resentment surrounding the bill, the government has agreed to delay its decision on it. The public outcry mirrors a nationwide survey conducted in 2016, which found that although a majority of people wouldn’t accept a LGBTQ family member, they did believe that the government should protect their rights.

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Kenya Bans Lesbian Love Story Film 'Rafiki' Set to Open at Cannes

Reuters - Nairobi, Kenya, 4/27/2018

Kenyan authorities have recently banned a film about a romantic relationship two women, on the grounds that ‘it promotes lesbianism’. ‘Rafiki’, a word that means ‘friend’ in Swahili, was invited to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film festival – the first Kenyan film to receive such an invite – but the Kenya Film Classification Board announced on May 27, 2018, that anyone found in possession of a copy of the film will be in ‘breach of the law’ which criminalises homosexuality in the country. This ban is yet another illustration of how homosexuality continues to remain taboo among African countries, leading to discrimination and harassment of the LGBTQ community.

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Super Runner Semenya Faces New Testosterone Limits in Sports Gender Battle

Huffington Post, South Africa, 4/27/2018

Caster Semenya of South Africa and some other top female runners from the Global South will likely have to reduce their body’s natural testosterone levels to continue to compete in international races, under new rules. The rules issued on April 26, 2018, by the International Association of Athletics Federations set strict limits on testosterone levels for female and intersex athletes in women’s races. They represent a continuing struggle over how to create fair competition amid increased sensitivity about what constitutes gender in very binary sports establishments. These new rules can slow down Semenya, who won Olympic gold in 2012 and 2016, by up to seven seconds. It can also affect her chances of competing.

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Indian Guru Asaram Bapu Jailed for Life for Raping Teenage Girl

The Guardian, India, 4/25/2018

An Indian court found controversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu guilty of raping a teenage girl in 2013, and sentenced him to life in prison on April 25, 2018. In her complaint to police in 2013, the girl – who was 16 at that time – had accused Bapu of raping her in his retreat at Jodhpur. Bapu had denied the charges, but after nearly five years, the judge has convicted him on charges of criminal conspiracy, wrongful confinement and rape. Two of his aides, who abetted the sexual violence, have also been sentenced to 20 years in prison. It is the latest high-profile rape case in India, following others that have fuelled public protests and raised questions about the safety of women.

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