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India Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi's Accuser Quits Sexual Harassment Inquiry

BBC News - New Delhi, India, 4/30/2019

A woman and former employee of the Supreme Court who had accused India's chief justice of sexual harassment has withdrawn from a court inquiry set up to investigate her allegations. In a statement, she questioned its fairness and said she felt ‘compelled to walk out’ over safety concerns. ‘I had hoped that the approach of the committee towards me would be sensitive and not one that would cause me further fear, anxiety and trauma,’ she said in her statement. She also claimed that she was not allowed to bring a lawyer to the committee hearings. Her initial allegations had been filed in the form of a sworn affidavit on April 19, 2019, in response to which a committee had been created to investigate her claims.

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WB: Bangladesh Can Further Prosper with More, Better Jobs for Women

Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh, 4/29/2019

Bangladesh can further prosper by ensuring new and better jobs for women, according to a World Bank report released on April 28, 2019. According to the report, titled ‘Voices to Choices: Bangladesh's Journey in Women's Economic Empowerment,’ Bangladesh is among the few countries in South Asia that has increased female employment in the last decade; while also cutting the wage gap between men and women significantly. Bangladesh should keep this momentum going to create more gender equality, the report added. While acknowledging Bangladesh's achievements, the report also notes that women still have limited choices, control, and decision-making power – over their employment, finances, and economic assets – even though the female labour force participation rate increased to 36% from 26% between 2003-2016.

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Japan Police Develop App that Screams and Flashes SOS Message to Scare Off Molesters

Straits Times - Tokyo, Japan, 4/28/2019

The Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo has developed a smartphone app to help tackle potential street harassers and molesters, and activate a security alarm. Dubbed the Digi Police, the app has been downloaded more than 220,000 times so far. A voice would shout "Stop!" loudly when a Digi Police user activates the app's functions, and a message that reads "There's a molester. Please help", would also be displayed on the screen, for those who may be too scared to call out for help but could show the message to the people around them. The app also has a link to a ‘Safety of children and women’ site that maps out the nearby safe spaces (using the user's current location) where they can find shelter when being stalked.

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Thousands Join Women’s March in Jakarta for Justice, Gender Equality

Jakarta Post - Jakarta, Indonesia, 4/27/2019

Thousands of people marched in Jakarta on April 25, 2019, for the 2019 Women’s March to support women's rights, and to commemorate the birthday of ‘Kartini’, a national heroine and women empowerment icon. People of different genders, occupations and religions gathered to show their support for better protection and empowerment of women amid rampant violence perpetrated against them. ‘This is an everyday struggle for all of us, to fight for justice and gender equality. Many problems that we are facing are because the political elite is trying stop us from seeking justice and equality. Don’t let them silence us,’ the march’s field coordinator, Ririn Sefsani, told the crowd. This year is the third celebration of the annual march.

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K-Pop Sex Scandal: Burning Sun Nightclub Linked to Underage Trafficking, Violent Abuse by VIP Clients, Further Exposing Mistreatment of South Korean Women

South China Morning Post - Seoul, South Korea, 4/25/2019

South Korean investigative news programme Straight reported allegations of underage sex trafficking and violent sexual abuse of women taking place at Burning Sun, a club in Seoul that was co-owned by Seungri, a former member of k-pop band BigBang. Burning Sun allegedly provided secret services for its top VIP clientele – reportedly comprising men from powerful Korean families – to carry out this abuse without any repercussions, Straight reported. This is yet another addition to reports of an expanding sex abuse scandal that has rocked South Korea, with many social media users expressing anger over the allegations of corruption and the cultural mistreatment of women.

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