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Mental Health

The mission of is to provide a valuable resource for visitors seeking information about clinical depression online. This website offers information about depression, causes, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, self-assessment, and treatment.


Anjali provides advocacy, capacity building for counselling, data collection and analysis, case support, holds workshops and training, and publishes resource material for people with psychosocial disabilities. Check out their “Media and Blogs” as well as “Others” section under “Reports” for more information on mental health. Anjali is based in Kolkata.

Befrienders International

Befrienders is a suicide prevention network operating in 32 countries, including India. Their website provides information and referrals to support services. They provide support via telephone helplines, SMS messaging, face-to-face discussions, internet chat, outreach and local partnerships. Click the ‘Find a Helpline’ to link to information about services in India.

Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy (CMHLP)

CMHLP is based in Pune and promotes the rights of persons with mental disabilities through capacity building. The website offers an online diploma in Mental Health, Human Rights and Law run by the Indian Law Society in collaboration with the World Health Organisation. The “Announcement” section provides information about training workshops, research fellowships and others.

Heads Up Guys

This site has a variety of mental health resources for men. There is information about depression, triggers, suicide, risk factors and more. They also have some practical tips on managing mental health, a self check test for depression and an action plan tool. Additionally, there are stories from men who have experienced depression or other mental health issues.

iCall Psychosocial Helpline (TISS)

iCALL - Initiating Concern for All - provides professional and free counselling through technology assisted mediums such as, telephone, email and chat to anyone in need of emotional support while ensuring confidentiality. It also conducts workshops and trainings for corporates, educational institutions, government agencies, and NGOs. It further provides mental health outreach activities for institutions via conferences, events, posters, brochures, and talks.

Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI)

MHI is an Indian funding agency for mental health initiatives. Check out their resources on various categories including advocacy, lived experiences, human rights. The list of their partners provides information about various organisations in India working on mental health.

Mind, For Better Mental Health

Mind believes in empowering individuals to understand their condition and the choices available to them. The organisation is based in the UK and their info line offers callers confidential help for the price of a local call and their Legal Advice Service provides information on mental health related law to the public, service users, family members/carers, mental health professionals and mental health advocates.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI is an American organisation which provides educational and advocacy support to people with mental illness and their families. It also provides helpline support and the “About Mental Illness” section provides information about mental health including latest research news on mental health.

SA Federation for Mental Health

This is a mental health organisation in South Africa which has four focus areas: implementation of awareness campaigns, empowerment of mental health care users, advocacy; and mental health research and information management. The “Factsheet” under “Information Links” provides information on various mental health issues organised in alphabetical order.


Sangath is an NGO based in Delhi, Bhopal and Goa working towards providing physical, psychological and social therapies. Their primary focus areas are child development, adolescent and youth health, and mental health and chronic disease. “It’s Okay to Talk” is their initiative to encourage young people to share their experiences with mental health. The “Find Help” section in It’s Okay to Talk’s website provides contact information of helplines for mental health.


This is the website for a Delhi-based NGO that offers counselling services. It features articles on depression, anxiety and mental illnesses as well as an informative FAQ section. They provide facilities such as free and confidential counselling sessions, runs a Rehabilitation Centre, conduct workshops (covering topics such as Anxiety, Depression and Self Care) and outreach programs.

THANAL Kozhikode

This NGO works on suicide prevention in Kerala and is affiliated to Befrienders India. The website has resources about suicide and depression.

The Banyan

This Chennai-based NGO provides access to mental health for persons living in poverty and homelessness. The website provides information on helplines and hospitals. Read their blogs to learn more about mental health. They founded The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM), a mental health research and teaching institute.

White Swan Foundation

This Bangalore based not-for-profit organisation offers content on mental health and aims to reach out to people suffering from mental illness as well as their care-providers so that they can make informed decisions on how to deal with mental health issues. The website is divided into two categories: “Understanding Mental Health” and “Psychiatric Disorders”. They also have a list of Government Mental Health Hospitals in India.

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