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African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA)

ASWA is the Pan-African alliance of sex worker-led groups that amplifies the voices of sex workers as well as advocates for the health and human rights of the diverse community of sex workers working and living in Africa. Read their “Reports” on various aspects regarding sex work including case study. The website also provides latest information regarding sex work.

All India Network of Sex Workers (AINSW)

The organisations that make up the AINSW work for the rights of sex workers and for HIV interventions. Check out their FAQs section for in-depth answers to many common questions about sex work.

Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)

APNSW identifies and creates opportunities for sex workers, analyses trends, critically assesses new research and policies, and engages in advocacy to improve the lives of sex workers in Asia and the Pacific. The network is led by sex workers and membership consists primarily of sex worker led organizations. Go through their “Resources” section on the website to learn more about sex work from a rights based perspective. Its Secretariat office is located in Bangkok.

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), Kolkata

DMSC is a forum exclusively of sex workers and their children set up to create solidarity and collective strength among a larger community of sex workers, forge a positive identity for themselves, and facilitate a space for acting on their own behalf. DMSC is involved in crisis mitigation on behalf of its sex-worker members and has been taking steps to improve their immediate working conditions. Check out their “Resources” section to learn about their publications, films, articles and posters.

Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) (Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian & English)

NSWP is a membership organisation made up of sex worker-led organisations and networks in 5 regions, including Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin and North America and the Caribbean. Their website has resources like case studies, policy briefs and more for research and advocacy around sex workers’ rights.

National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW)

NNSW is a network of organisations led by sex workers and allies who are committed to sex worker rights. Visit their site to find out about the different sex workers’ rights organisations that are working in different regions throughout India.

Project X- Singapore

Project X provides counselling, practical advice, befriender services, and education for women in the sex industry. They educate them on what avenues of recourse are available for them in cases of abuse, and encourage them to speak up when they are “victims of abuse”. The “What’s Going On” section on the website provides information on the current situation of sex work and workers in Singapore.

SANGRAM (Sampada Gramin Mahila Sanstha)

SANGRAM is a grassroots organisation that “works to create a collective consciousness among women, to increase their ability to negotiate safety independently, and strengthen women to assert their rights.” Take a look at the resources available on their website to learn more about the sex workers’ rights movement in India and how to organize on a grassroots level. The website also includes information about collectives that are a part of SANGRAM, including Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP), and their work.

Scarlet Alliance

Scarlet Alliance is Australia’s national sex workers organisation and works towards sex worker rights using a health promotion approach. It promotes peer education, community development, community engagement and advocacy. The “Laws” page on the website provides a list of state by state laws regarding sex work in Australia. The “Links” page provides update date links to other sex workers’ organisation in Australia.

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