Sexuality Weblinks


AVERT: AIDS & HIV Education and Research Trust

AVERT is an international AIDS charity based in the U.K that provides information on HIV and AIDS education, prevention, testing, and treatment. It also has resources for professionals who want to know more about the global status of HIV and AIDS.

Naz Foundation

The Naz Foundation Trust has been “working on HIV/AIDS and sexual health issues since 1994.” The organisation is based in Delhi and provides “prevention, treatment & advocacy programmes for underserved populations.” These include a care home for orphaned children living with HIV, capacity building and training workshops for individuals and organisations working on “HIV/AIDS”, providing counselling, outreach, medical treatment and legal services to the LGBT community.

The Body: A Complete HIV and AIDS Resource

This US-base site provides information and education about HIV prevention and AIDS treatment and care around the world. This site has information for the layperson as well as for professionals looking for the latest information on HIV and AIDS, on policy and advocacy related issues, events and conferences. It has sections with topics like: what to do if you’ve just been diagnosed, information about medication side effects, HIV testing 101, “Living Well with HIV” and more.

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