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Sexuality and Young People

Advocates for Youth

This organisation works both in the United States and in developing countries mainly focused on adolescent reproductive and sexual health. This site has many resources for researchers and a “Sex Ed Center” for parents.


This site publishes “medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education” video content for young people on a variety of sexuality-related topics. The website also has toolkits, lesson plans and educational resources for parents and educators


Brook is a UK-based organisation which provides sexual health services and advice for young people under 25. The services include free and confidential sexual health information, pregnancy testing, advice, counselling, treatment for sexually transmitted infection and many more. The “Help and Advice” section on the website provides category wise information for sexual health related issues.

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

This site is about all things sexuality, written for teenagers. Check out their “Just Say Yes” and “Resources” sections for information about sex, consent, sexual & reproductive health and more.

Haiyya’s Health Over Stigma

Health Over Sigma is a campaign from Haiyya, a Delhi-based non-profit, that seeks to dismantle “stigma that unmarried women face when accessing sexual and reproductive health services.” Read the campaign report to learn more details and findings of the campaign.

I Wanna Know

Discusses teen sexual health and sexually transmitted infections. The US-based website has rights-based information for teens and young adults on various topics for teens and young adults such as relationships, “LGBTQ”, STDs, pregnancy and parenthood.


Kids Health provides families “the tools and confidence to make the best health choices” by providing doctor reviewed advice on various physical, emotional and behavioural topics. The website has separate sections for parents, kids and teens along with category-wise information in terms of articles, slideshows, videos and health tools.

Know Your Body Know Your Rights (KYBKYR) – The YP Foundation

Know Your Body Know Your Rights is a campaign that was launched in 2010 by the YP Foundation to enable young people to access Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). The “Resources” section provides various reports and publications published as part of the campaign. The “Campaign” section provides various articles related to sexuality.

Scarleteen: Sex Ed for the Real World

A site with in-depth sexuality education resources for teens, including basic introductory information about changing bodies, STDs, relationship issues, body image and more. The website also provides online forums for teens to ask questions and has a useful section called “Advice from an Abuse Survivor”.

Sex Chat series with Papa and Pappu

A fictional digital series that delivers information across different themes related to sex and sexuality. The series features a 7-year-old boy named Pappu who out of curiosity asks coming-of-age questions around sexuality to his father. His father attempts to answer them in simple and friendly way and breaks down the concepts to the level of a 7-year old.

Sex, Etc.

An award-winning national magazine and website on sexual health that is written by teens, for teens. The site has an information center, “sex ed dictionary”, videos, forums, polls, a blog and games on “the lighter side of sex ed”.

Teen Line

This is a US-based organisation through which teenagers can ask their peers questions about health, relationships, emotions, sex and more. Teens can call or text the US phone number, email their questions or post on the Teen Line message boards.

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