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ACTED is a non-governmental organisation with headquarters in Paris, founded in 1993. Independent, private and not-for-profit, ACTED’s vocation is to support vulnerable populations affected by wars, natural disasters and/or economic and social crises, and to accompany them in building a better future; thus contributing to the Millennium Development Goals.

The Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia, (RHAC) in Cambodia.

RHAC is an NGO that works towards providing quality family planning and sexual and reproductive health services in Cambodia. Their work is tailored to address the high unmet needs in the areas of family planning, reproductive tract infections among women and men, safe delivery and capacity to manage emergency obstetric care situations, child health, including child nutrition; tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, and water and sanitation.

Womyn’s Agenda for Change

The Womyn’s Agenda for Change (WAC) is a locally run independent NGO which has been operating in Cambodia since late 1999. WAC is uniquely positioned to be able to undertake activities that challenge development hegemony, educate and assist the grassroots, organise and effect social change. This plan further refines the organisational goals based on our strengths and the challenges that still exist. WAC assists small grassroots groups towards achieving change in their lives. WAC has and continues to focus its work on the empowerment of women; sex workers, garment workers, migrants, rural farmers and other marginalised groups. Education, international network links and assistance with groups of sex workers has resulted in the formation of the first representative sex worker union in Cambodia.

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