Organisations and Networks - Indonesia

GAYa Nusantara, Surabaya

GAYa Nusantara is a national gay rights group that provides HIV and AIDS counselling and support, community outreach and gay awareness workshops. It also publishes a monthly magazine and coordinates the Indonesian lesbian and gay network, consisting of lesbian and gay organisations and individual activists throughout the nation. The organisation also plays a leadership role in public advocacy, organising campaigns to raise society's awareness on gay and lesbian persons' sexual rights and emancipation. GAYa Nusantara also participates in national public education campaigns to educate gays and lesbians about their rights. (Bahasa Indonesia:

Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (Indonesian Women's Coalition for Justice and Democracy), Jakarata

The mission of the Indonesian Women's Coalition is to be an agent for defending women's rights, be a supportive group for all women, be a critical pressure group for legal and policy reform, increase political participation and representation for women, and to be a motivator and facilitator of organisations, groups and individuals who care for women's concerns. The organisation's main activities are to increase political empowerment of women, conduct public policy and advocacy initiatives, lobby with political parties and other various institutions, create strong financial and human recourses, and develop organisational and networking mechanisms to ensure gender justice in the political process. Indonesian site:

Kunci Cultural Studies Centre, Yogakarta

Kunci Cultural Centre aims to build strong relationships between social science and the humanities through its newsletter, website, conferences, seminars, workshops, and a library. Their studies are concerned with marginalised issues and people-addressing different themes such as youth culture, sexuality issues (gay,lesbian and queer), racism, postcolonialism, women's issues, youth, urban lifestyle, consumerism, and the politics of the body, identity, and space. The website contains links to articles and cultural studies working papers, links to recent news and articles on Indonesian culture, cultural studies websites/journals, and cultural studies archives.

Q-munity, Jakarta

Q-munity, begun by media professionals concerned about the media images of gays and lesbians, organises an annual film festival with gay theme and draws films from Germany, Canada, France, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia. The objective is to bring more positive images of gays and lesbians into mainstream discourses and remove assumptions about communities which lead to stigma and discrimination. Many of the art films showcased deal with homosexuality and HIV and AIDS.

Spiritia Foundation, Jakarta

Spiritia's vision is to provide quality care and support of people infected by HIV and AIDS in Indonesia. Their work enables them to collaborate with partners at local and national levels, with a primary focus on the role of people living with HIV and AIDS when developing effective responses to the epidemic. Other activities include facilitating a network of positive people, skills training, conducting national meetings, newsletter, publications, a fund to distribute money for medical emergencies for PLWHA, and information dissemination. Spiritia also conducts local focus groups and consultations with communities in an effort to understand how HIV and AIDS has led to a denial of rights.

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