Organisations and Networks - Nepal

Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Kathmandu

Founded in 2001 following a five-month consultation in an effort to address the needs of men who have sex with men (MSM), its initial efforts focused on distribution of condoms and lubricants to MSM living in Kathmandu. BDS has developed services in Kathmandu, including outreach education, a social support group and general support to individuals. At present, BDS conducts the only STD and HIV and AIDS prevention program in Nepal that targets the MSM community. BDS held the First Consultation Meeting on Male Reproductive and Sexual Health in Nepal and the report can be accessed by following the above link.

Women for Women Forum (WWF)

Aims to create awareness about local issues concerning women, to assist women in becoming economically independent, to make women aware of their important roles in their families and the society, and to advocate for the causes of women and gender equality. WWF is fulfilling these objectives through various activities such as organising awareness programs on issues of human rights, women in politics, trafficking, prostitution, abortion & reproductive rights, domestic violence, and other health issues including HIV and AIDS prevention. There is no website for this organization, but a search will provide more information on its activities.

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