Organisations and Networks - Pakistan

Aahung, Karachi

Aahung is a non-profit sexual health resource center aiming to promote sexual health and rights in Pakistan. They work with the belief that all human beings have the right to sexual health and other rights enshrined by the United Nations and ratified by all of its member states. Currently, the Aahung team leads capacity building and awareness raising activities, provides clinical services and conducts research and advocacy for better sexual health. The Sexuality Information Centre has materials targeting youth, health care providers, adults, parents and educators. Aahung also has publications on seminars, progress reports and research, and a community centre section, where you can read the message board, subscribe to information services, and browse people's personal writings in "Our Voices".

Pakistan - International Planned Parenthood Federation

International Planned Parenthood Federation works in Pakistan with a member organisation called ‘Rahnuma - Family Planning Association of Pakistan’. Rahnuma was one of the pioneers in providing family planning services and advocating for spacing of childbirth and for smaller families. The government later embraced the cause by establishing the Ministry of Population Welfare. Rahnuma advocates for a rights-based approach to sexual and reproductive health (SRH), for the empowerment of particular groups within communities (especially women and young girls), and for the strengthening of civil society in Pakistan.

Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre

Shirkat Gah - Women’s Resource Centre, formed in 1975 is a Collective to integrate consciousness raising with a development perspective, and to initiate projects translating advocacy into action. Shirkat Gah meaning ‘place of participation’, has over the last 30 years empowered women by increasing their access to information, resources, skills and decision making. In this process Shirkat Gah has brought positive change to policies, laws, and practices. Shirkat Gah has ECOSOC status at the United Nation.

The Pakistan Reproductive Health Network (PRHN)

The Pakistan Reproductive Health Network (PRHN) is a national network of organisations and individuals committed to promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of the people of Pakistan. PRHN was established in 1995 after the 2nd Asia Pacific Social Science and Medicine Conference held in Manila, Philippines. Their objectives are to enhance the capacity of its members to promote sexual and productive health and rights and advocate for and promote effective SRHR policies and programmes.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws, Lahore

An international network that provides information, solidarity and support for all women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam. The Network aims to increase the autonomy of women by supporting the local struggles of women from within Muslim countries and communities and linking them with feminist and progressive groups at large; facilitating interaction, exchanges and contacts and providing information as well as a channel of communication.

World Population Foundation

World Population Foundation (WPF) aims to encourage sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout the world. WPF supports projects by local organisations in developing countries enabling individuals to make their own decisions about their sexuality and the number of children they desire. It’s mission is to work to improve the quality of life in developing countries by promoting: sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR); raising awareness of the importance of SRHR for sustainable human development and understanding the central role of reproductive health in population issue through awareness creation, education, resource mobilisation, and the provision of information and services, especially to women and young people.

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