Regional Training (2008)

The Regional trining held in 2008 was a part of The South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre. After 2008 TARSHI conducted two more regional trainings in South and Southeast Asia. These trainings aim to clarify basic concepts of gender, sexuality and all that they entail as well as help participants operationalise their understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights in their work. The trainings also address nuances around consent and violence, pleasure and agency and the politics of power and identity. 

The participants for the Regional Trainings consist of individuals who have been working as trainers, counsellors, researchers, teachers and activists on issues of gender, reproductive health, HIV, development, education, research, etc from countries in the South and Southeast Asia Region. Training methods and tools include interactive exercises, presentations, readings, films, discussions, debates, group work and case studies. Details are available for the Regional Training held in 2008. The details of the two trainings held post 2008 are available here: 2011 and 2010.