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Self-care Essentials: Resources for people doing people work

Nearly every individual faces stress in their life, and this is all the more the case for those doing “people work”. Prolonged stress could reduce our ability to be interested or motivated in areas that deeply engaged or inspired us – a state that is called burnout. What if we could find ways to manage stress before it becomes burnout? Self-care Essentials features ways to approach self-care, and resources to help those doing people work manage stress and prevent burnout.

Understanding and Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment

A new online course from TARSHI that provides a comprehensive understanding of workplace sexual harassment - including how dynamics of gender, sexuality, and power contribute to a culture of impunity that facilitates harassment. Learners will also understand how to recognise the different ways in which sexual harassment may be perpetrated at the workplace and gain a practical know-how of rights.


The massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all aspects of people’s lives, including on sexual and reproductive health related aspects, is now well documented. In response to the pandemic, several organisations working on gender, sexuality, SRHR, and related issues, have developed resources, and held conversations on the impact of the pandemic on the different facets of people’s lives. We have compiled such resources and presented them under six broad categories for anyone looking for information on SRHR and COVID-19 specifically from India (and some from the Global South) - ‘Sexuality and SRHR’, ‘Gender’, ‘Self-care and Wellbeing’, ‘Marginalised Communities’, ‘General' and ‘Get Help or Contribute’.

Sexy Times During the Pandemic: A Report of Two Dipstick Surveys

A lot has been written and discussed about the impact of COVID-19 on SRHR, but there hasn’t been much on sex and pleasure during the pandemic. This report highlights findings from a survey and a series of polls conducted by TARSHI to understand if and how people’s sexual lives, and their sources and means of pleasure, have changed during the pandemic. The report has rich anecdotal information that demonstrates the many ways in which people have thought about and navigated sex and pleasure during COVID-19.

What Makes Sexuality Education Comprehensive? Exploring the Indian Context, 2019 – Working Paper 

This working paper documents the evolving nature and status of Sexuality Education (SE) in India. It examines how SE is currently understood, to what extent current SE programmes in India are comprehensive, and offers recommendations to consider towards adopting a comprehensive approach to SE for adolescents and young people. You can also find the paper online here


Here's information on recent issues of our eMagazine, In Plainspeak

Vulnerability and Sexuality, April Issue of In Plainspeak

Vulnerability – is it a condition we find ourselves in? A state of being we choose? Let’s keep it very simple: it depends on the approach we take to defining it. In the former approach, we are ‘done to’, while in the latter we are consciously ‘doing’. Check out our April issue of In Plainspeak on Vulnerability and Sexuality where our authors attempt to approach and answer what it means to be vulnerable.

Ageing and Sexuality, March Issue of In Plainspeak

Ageing is often associated with a loss, a lack of ability and strength. When combined with sexuality, in the popular imagination, fed especially by market forces, youth is to be lauded and ageing regarded as the impending horror that must be evaded for as long as possible. Check out our March issue of In Plainspeak on Ageing and Sexuality that examines the place sexuality occupies in our lives as we grow older.

Singlehood and Sexuality, February Issue of In Plainspeak

In the February issue of In Plainspeak on Singlehood and Sexuality, our contributors reflect on and reveal the myriad facets of being single – is it a choice? A condition? A state of being? Lonely? Joyful? Not one or the other, but a glorious mix? Let’s find out, shall we?

Anthology Issue, January 2021 issue of In Plainspeak

Happy New Year! As 2021 begins and we are filled with a sense of hope and desire for better times, we resolve to find ways of sustaining ourselves while caring for others. And so, in the January anthology issue of In Plainspeak, we republish articles about wellbeing.

Femininities and Sexuality, December issue of In Plainspeak 

That there can be myriad expressions of multiple femininities seems obvious, but are they really allowed to proliferate? Are certain forms of femininities denigrated more than others?  Is there a particular way of manifesting an ‘appropriate’ femininity, one that is just right, and is not ‘too girly’ or ‘too tomboyish’? Check out our December issue of In Plainspeak that explores the connections between Femininities and Sexuality.

Support Systems and Sexuality, November issue of In Plainspeak

Connection is essential for our survival – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We connect with people, form networks of care and support, and in a sense weave webs of safety and comfort that we can turn to when stressed or simply want to infuse a dose of joy into our day. For those of us whose stress comes from feeling, or being made to feel different from or less than others in any way, the need to have a web of support becomes even more impelling. Check out our November issue of In Plainspeak that explores connections between Support Systems and Sexuality.

Risk and Sexuality, October 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

Risk, be it in terms of sexuality or anything else in life, is both exciting and scary because it signifies the possibilities of pleasure and peril in varying combinations. While sexuality may be a site of continual personal exploration and discovery it is also one that social, legal, medical, and other institutions attempt to limit, fence in and barricade by setting rules about what is acceptable and what is not. Explore these connections between Risk and Sexuality in the October issue of In Plainspeak.

Law and Sexuality, September 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

Law plays a critical role in our everyday lives. It governs who can do what with whom and how and where and when. Law also works to protect the rights of people and expand their freedoms. However, they often have an opposing effect, particularly in the context of gender, sexuality and rights for people of diverse identities and persons with disabilities. How does the law curtail our liberties and uphold systemic oppression? How important is it to locate Sexual Rights within the ambit of Human Rights? -Explore and dive deep into these questions and more in the September issue of In Plainspeak on Law and Sexuality.

Innovations and Sexuality, August 2020 issue of In Plainspeak 

Innovation is about coming up with new ways – new ways of solving a problem or meeting a need, new approaches to an issue long-considered in a set manner, and even new ways of using a familiar object. Innovation is most obvious in the field of technology and as science and technology reach farther and farther, innovations have seeped into our everyday lives – from medical infrastructure to satellite communication to sex toys and menstrual products. Check out our August issue of In Plainspeak exploring theconnections between Innovations and Sexuality

Young People and Sexuality, July 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

As we reach puberty, we are confronted with many questions about who we are and the physical and emotional changes we are undergoing. Our journey of self-discovery can be at times exhilarating, as we learn about and relate to our body and sense of self, and our world, and at times, overwhelming for the very same reasons. We each grow up under different socio-cultural, economic and political circumstances and are inundated with a confusing jumble of information (and misinformation) about sexuality. Explore these connections in deeper detail in our July issue of In Plainspeak on Young People and Sexuality.

Health and Sexuality, June 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

That health is one of the most important aspects of our lives is becoming increasingly apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown. While access to sexual health care services for women, members of the LGBTIQA+ community, people living with disabilities and other minorities has always been a challenge, now, it has become even more so. Explore these connections in deeper detail in our June issue of In Plainspeak on Health and Sexuality.

Dating and Sexuality, May 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

Searching for and then finding and connecting with others, dating, and then possibly, romancing them, are activities and experiences that do not occur in isolation – they are inter-connected with the rest of our lives. We bring the whole of ourselves to the dating and sexuality encounter in our May issue of In Plainspeak.

Safety and Sexuality, April 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

In these uncertain times of COVID-19 when most of the world is in some form or other of quarantine, safety has taken on a new meaning altogether. People are encouraged to stay home, not step out unless absolutely necessary and so on. What about if home and family are where one feels the least safe? Check out our April issue to explore connections between Safety and Sexuality.

Literature and Sexuality, March 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

One story at a time – be it fiction, non-fiction, a leaf out of the book of our personal lives, or a narrative from our current world – literature just like sexuality can’t be contained in a box. It is diverse, it is nuanced. Explore these discussions in our March issue on Literature and Sexuality.

Sexuality and Pleasure, February 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

Fragile and fleeting like soap bubbles, pleasure shines with many colours. But its iridescence is frightening for many. Perhaps because its colours change in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways, and though fragile and fleeting, it is a world in itself. Is that why pleasure is policed and there is such fear around people being able to freely seek it? Check out our February issue to explore connections between Sexuality and Pleasure.

Anthology Issue, January 2020 issue of In Plainspeak

As we move into a new year and a new decade we hope to be moving towards a more just and peaceful world, especially given the troubled times that people all over the world have been and are currently experiencing. And so, in this new year, we wish you lots of SISA spaces through 2020 and beyond! SISA? Yes! Safe, Inclusive, Sexuality-Affirming spaces – SISA spaces. Check out our January, Anthology issue.


Here's information on some 2019 issues of our eMagazine, In Plainspeak

Human Rights and Sexuality, December 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

If human rights are rights that we are entitled to simply by fact of being human, and sexual rights are part of human rights, a Martian would think that ALL humans enjoy their sexual rights. But no, dear Martian, it is not so at all. Read our December issue on Human Rights and Sexuality to explore these connections.

Spirituality and Sexuality, November 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

Spirituality doesn’t have to be esoteric, as in belonging or being accessible only to a few. It is very much a part of our lives, just as sexuality is. And because they are both aspects of our being, they may nurture each other, if we let them. Check out our November issue to explore connections between Spirituality and Pleasure.

Masculinities and Sexuality, October 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

What is masculinity? Is it to perform in ways that society expects a man to be? Does the privilege attached to a certain kind of ‘masculinity’ really benefit anyone or is masculinity just another form of oppression? Explore these discussions in our October issue on Masculinities and Sexuality.

Privacy and Sexuality, September 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

Privacy, though proclaimed to be a fundamental right, is still a luxury for a large part of Indian society. Even for those of us who may enjoy a modicum of privacy, our sexual enjoyment is muddled with secrecy, guilt and shame because our notions around sexuality are loaded with judgment. Our Septemberissue unfolds the connections between Privacy and Sexuality.

Mobility and Sexuality, August 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

The spaces we live, travel, work, loiter and play in can be fun and sexy. At other times, they can seem threatening and unsafe. Sexuality itself is mobile, expanding in these spaces around us. Check out our August issue to explore connections between Mobility and Sexuality.

Erotica and Sexuality, July 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

What is erotica? It is material – written, visual, audio ­– that in an ongoing process of our engagement with it, weaves into our innermost sensual and sexual desires. Our July issue on Erotica and Sexuality goes beyond the labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to explore diverse ideas of what people find sexy.

Class and Sexuality, June 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

Class, often obviously and at other times insidiously, determines access, privilege, knowledge, and agency, whether we’re aware of it or not. And these in turn influence how we explore and experience sexuality. Check out our June issue to explore connections between Class and Sexuality.


And here are some earlier issues of In Plainspeak...

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Communities and Sexuality

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Money and Sexuality

Boundaries and Sexuality

Marriage and Sexuality

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People’s Movements and Sexuality

Fantasy and Sexuality

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Migration and Sexuality

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Check out our Archives for all previous issues (since 2013)


In 2017

Check out our campaign in collaboration with Feminism in India called ‘#WhyCSE – CSE In The Classroom’ to emphasise the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools. Read more about the campaign here.


In 2016

The Basics and Beyond Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Part 1, Summer 2016

The original 50-hour ‘Basics and Beyond’ eLearning course has been streamlined and is now being offered as two separate short courses: Part 1, Basics and Beyond Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Part 2, Beyond Basics Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Part 1, which addresses foundational-level concepts around sexuality, gender and SRHR ran from July 01 to 31, 2016 and is a pre-requisite for Part 2, which will be announced later in the year. 

The course was followed by a two day contact class in New Delhi, India. Read about it here.


In 2015

Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Fall 2015

After the successful completion of our Online Spring 2015 Session, we are happy to announce the Fall 2015 Session of the Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, from October 01, 2015 till November 20, 2015. For more details, click here. Applications closed.

Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Spring 2015

We are happy to announce our first Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Spring 2015 from February 16 till April 16, 2015. For details, click hereRegistrations Closed!

#TalkSexuality Campaign by TARSHI in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz

While growing up, any conversation that may be even remotely connected to sexuality is often evaded, be it in educational institutions or within our homes. Yet, these questions form a major part of our growing up years.
Through this campaign  #TalkSexuality, TARSHI in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz hopes to create conversations around these questions and discuss the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education? Do join in!