eLearning Courses

TARSHI’s eLearning courses are a crucial component of our first goal of capacity strengthening of diverse service providers to help them apply increased knowledge and understanding of sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in their work. The eLearning courses are specially designed for the online learning format by a team of experts using our 20 years’ experience in working on sexuality and SRHR issues.

In 2020, we expanded our eLearning offerings to include shorter courses for the purpose of raising awareness on selected SRHR and wellbeing-related issues. Our first course, launched in 2020, is on Understanding and Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment (learn more below). 

Since launching our first eLearning course in 2011, we have expanded the range of topics covered through new eLearning courses to reach more people across diverse geographies. In 2016, we introduced a new course on comprehensive sexuality education for teachers and updated the ‘Basics and Beyond’ eLearning course to be covered in two parts. Through the years, our eLearning courses have had participants from India, Bangladesh, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

TARSHI offers eLearning courses in the following three modes:

  • Moderated: The traditional classroom setting has been adapted for the online space – the course includes reading materials and multimedia content supported by real-time or moderated online communication among participants and with course facilitators, through Facebook closed groups. The course is time-bound, with modules and exercises to be completed within specified time periods.
  • Self-paced: This type of eLearning courseallows learners to access content 24x7 at their pace, as long as they complete it within four months of receiving access to the course.
  • Blended: After the learner has completed the online part of the course, they attend a two-day face-to-face learning session, called ‘Contact Classes’, with others who have completed the course, in order for concepts to be clarified and/or reinforced.

Below are the three eLearning courses that are being offered by TARSHI:

Basics and Beyond

An introduction to foundational-level concepts around sexuality, gender and SRHR, for anyone who is passionate to learn more about gender and sexuality. A pre-requisite for the ‘Beyond Basics’ eLearning course.

Beyond Basics

Understanding sexual and reproductive rights, their complexities, nuances and applicability in professional and personal lives. Requires ‘Basics & Beyond’ eLearning course as pre-requisite. To be announced shortly; watch this space!

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (for educators)

A series of exercises to help teachers and educators provide comprehensive sexuality education with ease to students, based on TARSHI’s ‘The Orange Book’.

Understanding and Preventing Workplace Sexual Harrasment

A short course to help learners understand and address workplace sexual harassment from a rights-based perspective, and analyse it from an intersectional lens