Letter from Editor - Radhika Chandiramani

Welcome to the first issue of In Plainspeak in 2009!

As always, we have an exciting collection of articles for you. In the Interview you will meet Kimberley Reed and her fascinating account of different transitions in her life. Art Space also focuses on transformation, posing questions both complex and radical. In a similar vein, Shades of Grey provides a different perspective about the human rights discourse and the way it is applied to prostitution. In the Bigger Picture we are taken on a fascinating journey by Pramada Menon who at puberty had not the faintest clue about menstruation and today is an avowed queer rights activist. You will also read about the challenges in working on HIV prevention in Cambodia, the reproductive health bill in the Philippines, and as usual, the film and book reviews. Plus, factoids on what happens when a woman gets pregnant. A young man with cerebral palsy shares with us his thoughts about sexuality and disability in the I column, making a plea to be treated as a sexual being, just like anyone else.

Yes, it is a motley collection, but where else will you find such an array of issues and viewpoints? We are happy to present this to you, because to us it reflects a cross-section of the assortment that constitutes the field of sexuality as it is today. Multiple issues, multiple realities.

Please do keep sending in your contributions and feedback to resourcecentre@tarshi.net.

Stay well, loved, and happy.

Radhika Chandiramani